Jogging stroller safety

When I first started running with my kids in a stroller, there was only one company making a “jogging stroller.” The “baby jogger” came out in 1984, and our first child was in one in 1986. It was a single stroller, with 3 wheels, very stable and only slightly portable. We took it on planes, trains and long car trips so that the kids could share the sight, sounds, smells and surroundings of wherever we went. It was virtually indestructible, except for the time I left it on the roof, attached with bungee cords, and in my haste to get to a race, forgot as I pulled into a parking garage to the sickening sound of metal crashing into cement.

It is important not only to properly assemble your jogging stroller but also to be careful on how you use it. I will confess that when our son was a baby, we went on a trip with both kids and only a single baby jogger. We hung him off the back, suspended in his “Johnny Jump-Up.” Lest the stroller tip from the weight imbalance, we put a rock on the front of the stroller, affixed with what else – duct tape ! When I saw these strollers at Tysons Mall, I was reminded of this “new parent” indiscretion and safety faux pax. The instructions on the mall strollers are intended for people like me. Now for some serious tips for parents who want to run with their children in jogging strollers and baby joggers, go to Jogging strollers: Tips for running with small kids. And get out and have fun with the little ones.

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