Doctors, Lawyers and others take part in WABA ride

Dr. Allen Delaney getting ready to embark on the WABA and Swedish Embassy's VASA rideShown here getting ready to depart for the full distance “VASA” ride sponsored by the Washington Area Bicyclist Association (“WABA”) is Dr. Allen Delaney, M.D. of Commonwealth Orthopedics and, and with his wife (and Physical Therapist) Mary Delaney, “Rehab to Racing” multi-sport coaching services. This veteran triathlete has bicycled throughout the world, and is shown in his cold weather gear with the Potomac River in the background. TheAthletesLawyer Doug Landau wore not only his booties, mittens over his gloves and many layers of shirts, but also a balclava under his helmut and an emergency “hot pack” in his hip bag. TriathlonTrialLawyer Doug Landau was pleased to see that at the Vasa Ride helmets were mandatory. If it snowed, you were advised to bring your skis!

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