101st Millrose Games at Madison Square Garden

Ever one for tradition, Doug Landau re-instituted his family’s tradition of attending the Millrose Games at Madison Square Garden in New York City at last years 100th anniversary. He returned, with family members from New York and New Jersey in tow, again this year. Doug Landau at the 101st Millrose Games, Madison Square Garden, NY

Hall of Fame Trial Lawyer Norman Landau had taken the family and friends for years to what many consider “the indoor Olympics.” Norman Landau had even competed as a high school student in front of the thousands of sports fans in a handicap race that was held at The Garden in the 1940s. Doug Landau finds that this indoor track and field competition is almost like theater, with something for everyone. There is often a running race going on while another athlete is throwing, jumping or vaulting. In other words, just like the offices of ABRAMS LANAU, LTd., there is never a dull moment !

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