Workers Comp Hearing in Manassas – another “standing room only” trial for the Abrams Landau team, part 1

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Here are pictures taken after Washington, D.C., Richmond and Herndon Virginia “Super Lawyer” Doug Landau’s most recent trial before the Workers Compensation Commission. Following the advice of this Herndon law firm, Abrams Landau, Ltd. clients from Michigan, Mexico, Virginia and El Salvador watched and listened Doug Landau Manassas VWC Hearing Room.JPGas a recently transplanted New York client testified in her workplace injury case.

Doug Landau’s client had been in a vehicle crash while operating a luggage tug at the Airport’s “Air Operations Area” (“AOA”). Her ankle had been crushed and she needed rods and pins surgically implanted to repair the damage to her leg. Mr. Landau visited her at her home in Herndon. She also, while still walking with crutches, attended another of his Hearings, in order to see where to go, where to park, what happens and to ask questions of one of the “Best Lawyers in America” afterwards. What is more, this Abrams Landau client is bilingual, and the Hearing she observed in Manassas, was conducted in English AND Spanish, because that Landau Law Shop client needed the assistance of a (free !) Court-Appointed Translator.  Note that the Hearing room has microphones to record the proceedings. Continued tomorrow…

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