What to eat (or not to eat or drink) for Court; Super Lawyer Doug Landau’s tips and warnings [Part 2 of 7]

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Carbs – To many carbs before coming to Court or testifying can be a bad idea.  The “carbohydrate high” can lead to a “low” and the urge to nap.  Taking a “siesta” at counsel table is something even Herndon Super Lawyer Doug Landau would not attempt.  Even though the trial judge may supply a toothbrush, paste and water, no one wants “three hots and a cot,” by a finding of “contempt of court.”  Resist the urge to “Super Size” advises Virginia Super (but not “Super Sized”) Lawyer Landau.

A Coffee, Tea , or 3 ! – Too much caffeine can be a bad idea. While a “cup of Joe” may be part of your regular morning routine, too much coffee, tea or caffeinated soda may cause you (your family, witnesses and observers) to be jittery, jumpy and needing the lavatory far too frequently.  On the day of trial the mantra should be, “stick to your regular routine” eating habits. Even “The Best Lawyers in America” are nervous when they go to trial.  Don’t make things worse by consuming MORE than normal.


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