What to eat (or not to eat or drink) for Court; Super Lawyer Doug Landau’s tips and warnings [Part 3 of 7]

Bagels – If you are going to have to submit a urinalysis, steer clear of poppy seed bagels advises Herndon Super Lawyer Doug Landau.  It seems that these seeds give similar results to the urine samples of pot smokers. You do not want the Court suspecting marijuana use or THC dependence.  Other kinds of bagels are fine, unless the bakery is hiding other drugs in them or they’re full of alcohol !

Medicine – Prescription medications may be necessary for functionality, advises Virginia Trial Lawyer Doug Landau.  However, CHECK THE LABELS !  If the medication causes “drowsiness,” requires food, water or other things, “make sure that your testimony and observation abilities will not be impacted,” adds the Landau Law Firm’s resident “label reader” and “pill bottle collector.”  However, some clients make the mistake of not taking pain medications, and then cannot sit and concentrate on the testimony and the proceedings because of their discomfort.  Also, opposing counsel may ask, “ Are you taking anything that may affect your ability to hear, see, understand or testify ?”  “So talk with your doctor about how best to be ready for Court given your unique medical needs and treatment regimen,” advises Herndon Super Lawyer Landau.


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