What to eat (or not to eat or drink) for Court; Super Lawyer Doug Landau’s tips and warnings [Part 1 of 7 !]

How many lawyers think about or even talk to their clients and their families about what to eat (or not eat) ? 

During this time of holiday meals and cheer, this unique Lawyer reflects upon even this seeming small detail of trial and case preparation.  Super Lawyer Doug Landau has been known to consume huge quantities of food after “flying faster than a jet” on his bike or “running faster than a locomotive,” but even this is part of a larger plan (to “tri” to win all races and all cases !).

While Landau avoids spicy foods, beans and Kryptonite, Herndon trial lawyer Landau advises clients to steer clear of the following:

Alcohol and Booze – this one should be obvious !  However, Landau had a client show up inebriated to his own trial.  That was bad.  What was worse, the Virginia Trial Lawyer’s case was heard in the Fauquier County Circuit Court.  The judge sat across from the client when he testified.  He was so intoxicated that he actually spit alcohol on the judge’s clothes !  While this misguided client may have been “relaxed,” the judge was not impressed with his B.A.C., testimony or credibility.  The good news of the story was, according to court room observers, “It was good stuff !”


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