We don’t make this up – Some Insurance Company Vocational Rehabilitation Vendors Will Try ANYTHING to Place Disabled Workers To End their Compensation Benefits

Sometimes truth is better than fiction.  These two tales were sent to us by Virginia trial lawyers concerning the troubling tactics taken by Vocational Rehabilitation “specialists” hired by the insurance company to work on their disabled client:

Story #1:

Insurance Company Vocational Rehabilitation Vendor prepares resume for claimant.  The claimant has only a 7th grade education.  Under the heading “EDUCATION”  the resume has something like:  XYZ Elementary School and under that “County Adult Education G.E.D. Program”

The problem is that the claimant has not even started taking GED classes and will not start the program until January.  The claimant is worried about using the resume that the Insurance Company Vocational Rehabilitation Vendor instructed him to use since it falsely states that he already has a GED.  This is intentional deception of potential employers.   Would Insurance Company Vocational Rehabilitation Vendor’s licensing board approve of this ?

For another example, see tomorrow’s post…

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