We don’t make this up – Some Insurance Company Vocational Rehabilitation Vendors Will Try ANYTHING to Place Disabled Workers To End their Compensation Benefits, story #2

At ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., every time we think we have heard the most outrageous story about what an insurance company’s vocational rehabilitation vendor will do, we are surprised with a new story, such as this…

Story #2

The injured worker’s treating neurosurgeon recommended a multi level cervical fusion for the claimant, but said his patient must stop smoking for at least 30 days before he would perform surgery.  The insurer instituted vocational rehabilitation immediately — doubting that the claimant would quit smoking.  The Insurance Company’s Vocational Rehabilitation Vendor instructed the claimant to be silent about the fact that he would be having spinal surgery because he (claimant) would most likely not quit smoking.   Claimant quits smoking.     The claimant thinks it would not be fair to any potential employer to hide the fact that if hired, he would soon be taking a long leave of absence to have spinal surgery.  However, the Insurance Company’s Vocational Rehabilitation Vendor tells the claimant that it would be speculative to say that he is having surgery and implies that this could be job interview sabotage.  Anyone see a trend and moral ambiguity ?

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