Gas leaks near Abrams Landau, Ltd.

DSCN1234_2.JPGSome observant clients noticed dozens of fire, police and other HazMat personnel in the vicinty of the Landau Law Shop recently.  Apparently there had been a leak in the underground pipes, and Town, County and other first responders came on the scene.  There was no damage to the ABRAMS LANDAU home, and other than the closure of several streets and re-routing of traffic, no impact on our Herndon Reston area law firm’s ability to help injured and disabled clients from all over the country with their Personal Injury, Social Security Disability, Workers Compensation cases.  There will be maintenance and repairs performed later this winter in an effort to continually improve not only our service to you on the inside, but the preservation of our 125+ year old building on the outside.  There’s always something “new” and happening at ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. !

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