Virginia Workers Compensation Commission’s Fairfax Office – Difficult to find, Difficult to park

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VWC_fx_front.jpegShown here are pictures of the front of the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission’s Fairfax Hearings Office. You can see that construction has resulted in street disruption and fewer parking spaces. This is why is is imperative to get to your Hearing EARLY !

VWC_fx_park_around_back.jpegIt is also why the ABRAMS LANDAU trial team urges clients, their families and witnesses to observe hearings weeks before their own case is to be heard. That way, they will know where to park, how to get to the Hearing site, and what is expected of witnesses and injured workers when they testify before the Workers Compensation judges.

VWC_Fx_elevator.jpegIf the Hamaker Court street and Prosperity Plaza front parking lot is full, there is parking in the back of the building and an elevator to the main floor where Fairfax County Northern Virginia workplace injury, disease and disability cases are heard. Shown here are Chief Deputy Commissioner Szablewicz, Commissioner Williams and other VWC staff visiting from Richmond and using the elevator from the back parking area.

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