ABRAMS LANDAU goes the extra mile for clients: Dianna Meredith takes the witness stand for a client !

_orrow_in_VWC_court.jpegDLM_in_court.jpegShown here is Senior Workers Compensation Legal Assistant Dianna Meredith at the witness stand where she testified on behalf of a client in a workers comp hearing this week. The insurance company had not paid for items in the original Award Order Doug Landau won for this family. This non- payment had been going on for nearly 2 years. The Workers Compensation Commission scheduled a Hearing to hear testimony in Richmond (VA) so that a ruling could be made.

Ms. Meredith testified as to the fact that the insurance company had been sent billing statements and correspondence showing that they had failed to pay: the claimant’s trust fund accountants; the lawyers who set up the trust; the treating doctor’s deposition, and the correct amount of compensation to be direct deposited into this special account in his name.

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