Landaus finish 10 miles with smiles ! Blacksburg Classic running race a Huckleberry Trail endurance challenge.

Blacksburg_classic_2009.jpegWhile visiting his son and daughter at Virginia Tech, Herndon injury lawyer Doug Landau and his eldest daughter ran in the Blacksburg Classic 10 miler. The Triathlon Trial Lawyer had previously raced in the Blacksburg Striders 5 km event and won an age group Award. This year, however, the fleet footed multi-state lawyer competed in the longer premier event, as his daughter was using it as a test of her fitness in her preparations for next month’s half-marathon. Landau managed to finish in 74 minutes, and his daughter put on a kick at the end, to the delight of her brother, a third year honors Biology and Spanish major.

Ms. Landau is running in next month’s Virginia Beach half marathon as part of her sorority’s charitable fund raising. While very proud of his daughter’s finish and future long distance running plans, the ABRAMS LANDAU senior counsel has no plans to run farther than 10 miles any time soon ! Had they not “run” in the Virginia Tech pool shortly after finishing, Doug Landau relates that “rigor mortis” would have set in and he would have needed someone to have driven him back to Northern Virginia ! Post-race “hydrotherapy” is helpful for those rehabilitating after an injury and for those recovering from an intense workout or long distance event.

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