Pictures of permanent scarring and injuries are helpful, but photos with scale are better, according to judges

DSCF4493.JPGAt ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., we bring cases where there are permanent scars. Pictures of the scar sites are important exhibits at trial.  When there is a permanent injury, the judge must consider additional legal remedies and give special jury instructions that are critically important if the victim is to get full restitution.  Exhibits that illustrate the injured victim’s scars become part of the “record” if there is an appeal.  Photographs of scarring also enable the Landau injury law team to settle cases in advance of trial since the insurance company, their defense lawyers and the Defendant can all “see” the injury that their negligent conduct has caused.  In cases that are mediated or arbitrated, the judges have appreciated our method of photographing our clients’ permanent scar and injury pictures

However, photographs are more helpful if there is something showing scale in the picture, according to the judges interviewed by Loudoun, Leesburg and Fairfax injury lawyer Doug Landau.  That is why the ABRAMS LANDAU trial team will frequently take pictures of clients’ scars with a ruler, grid, quarter or other item of known dimensions also in the photo or digital image.  By using a ruler or yard stick, the judge and jury can look at the picture and immediately ascertain the length and width of a scar.  We have been successful in getting restitution for our injured clients in our cases involving permanent scarring.  If you or someone you know has a case with permanent scarring, please have them contact us at once.

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