Motorcycle Brain Injury Case Presented to Federal Court by Doug Landau

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On Thursday, March 13, 2008, Reston-Herndon, Virginia lawyer Doug Landau presented the tragic case of a motor cycle passenger who was struck by a motorist while traveling with friends. This 36-year-old woman was wearing her helmut, yet suffered traumatic brain injury (“TBI”) which has left her permanently disabled and in need of constant care. This ABRAMS LANDAU client was taken by helicopter to the INOVA Fairfax Hospital ICU, where she was kept on life support. Cycle injury lawyer Landau visited his client at the hospital and observed that she had orthopedic injuries as well. The cyclist had fractures in her leg and had multiple acute, traumatic injuries about her head, body and extremities. Doug Landau also visited her doctors and home.SMG___DKWL___VTLA_2008.jpg

Before this devastating cycle-car crash that resulted in her permanent brain damage, Doug Landau’s client had been accustomed to riding all over the world by bicycle and motorcycle. She was an executive with an international computer company. More importantly, she was a wife, a mother and a daughter. Now, as the result of her head and brain injuries, she is being cared for by her aged parents and her son is being raised in another country by his father’s family.

In his closing argument to the Federal Court, Doug Landau recited all the losses caused by the defendant driver’s negligence. In describing what had been taken from his client, Landau discussed his interactions with this brain damaged woman, her doctors, husband and family members. Not one to throw large numbers around lightly, the Herndon Reston brain injury trial lawyer asked the Court for an amount in excess of $20,000,000.00 to fix what has been broken, replace what has been taken and care for a woman who can no longer care for herself. ABRAMS LANDAU cycle crash and TBI lawyer Doug Landau is shown here with Reston accident attorney Steve Garver, who was counsel for the driver of the motorcycle. Mr. Garver’s client has also sustained permanent brain damage and is permanently disabled.

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