Hard hats and Goggles protect construction workers from head, brain and eye injuries.

Ceiling_drill.jpegAt ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. we see claims for workplace injury denied because of an alleged failure to wear company issued safety equipment.  If a worker is blinded because they were not wearing safety goggles, the case could be denied.  If an employee sustains a head or brain injury because they did not have their hard hat on, the workers compensation judge can rule in favor of the insurance company for the employer. The general rule is that the violation of a known and enforced safety rule that results in injury precludes the injured worker from receiving compensation benefits.  However, we have won cases where the rules were not publicized, enforced or relevant to how the accident even occurred.  If you or someone you know is injured or disabled due to something striking them in the eye, a brain injury or head trauma, and their claim is denied due to failure to have their hard hat, goggles or other safety equipment, has them contact us at ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd.

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