Best Halloween costume of 2008 goes to The Madeira School Science Department

DSCF0086.JPGOK, I’ll admit it.  I’m partial to “home made” Halloween costumes.  “Store bought” just never did it for me.  At The Madeira School annual Halloween parade, the various departments try to come up with unique, humorous and relevant.  In years past, the Athletic Department dressed in matching swimsuits, caps and flippers as a “synchronized swim team,” complete with their own kiddy pool.  The Math Department came as the various flavors of “Pi” – apple, cherry, blueberry, shepherds and “American.”

DSCF0087.JPGMy favorite this year was the Science Department.  In years past, they have done “The Neutron Dance,”  and inspired students to come as hydrogen atoms and ions.  This year the science instructors came in black leather, electric guitars, safety pin earrings and periodic table abbreviations on their backs.  What were they ?  HINT: LEAD Zeppelin, QuickSILVER, Queen’s Freddy MERCURY’s solid GOLD hits…

Give Up ?  They were a “HEAVY METAL BAND !”

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