Dram Shop Laws Could Save Lives in Virginia

In the debate over lowering the blood alcohol level allowed for driving illegally (see prior post), there has been little mention of another powerful tool to reduce death and mayhem on Virginia’s highways and local roads – a Dram Shop Act.  Other states’ Dram Shop laws hold businesses who serve alcohol liable for injuries caused by intoxicated patrons who were served beyond the point of sobriety.

Unfortunately, Virginia does not have this public safety law, so bars are not responsible for the actions of their patrons who were “liquored up” to the point beyond the legal limit for intoxication.

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People who continue to serve alcohol to individuals who are clearly drunk should be penalized for putting the general public at risk. We all know people are not their best when under the influence of too much alcohol. While the intoxicated person should be held accountable for his/her actions, those responsible for contributing to their further mental and physical impairment should also be held responsible. This is especially true when those serving the drinks are making a profit.  The right thing to do is to for the Virginia legislature to finally draft and pass an effective “Dram Shop Act” so that those innocent victims who are harmed on the roads by drunk drivers can pursue full restitution buy overnight cialis against the intoxicated vehicle operators — AND the bars that over-served them and then sent them out onto the highway.

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