Damages awarded by jury in workplace fall case total 7 million dollars

A Wisconsin man who fell three stories in a construction accident was awarded more than $7 million by a jury last week. An Iowa jury last week ordered a construction company and hotel builder to pay $7 million to the worker during a 2005 incident. The injured plaintiff suffered severe injuries when a lift tipped over causing the fall. Jurors found that Le Claire Hotel Group and Gibbs Construction were negligent for the fall, according to the DesMoines Register The jury sided with the injured construction worker, who suffered permanent injuries during construction of a Holiday Inn Express in 2005. He was injured when a lift tipped over.

Leesburg and Fairfax Virginia injury lawyer Doug Landau notes that many states allow lawsuits for workplace accidents against “third parties.” In other words, according to the ABRAMS LANDAU trial lawyer, when a worker has been injured through no fault of their own, by a “third party,” they can bring a personal injury lawsuit and collect compensation for all of their losses, not just those covered by the limited Workers Compensation laws. While many state laws do not allow an injured worker to sue his or her own employer, even when the boss or co-workers are negligent, most states allow these injured victims to bring a case against the people who caused their injuries as long as they are NOT their co-workers or employers. If you have been injured in a construction site or other workplace accident through no fault of your own, and think you may have a case against the company or people who caused your injuries, call ABRAMS LANDAU today.

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