Man struck by subway train awarded $7,000,000 by New York City jury

in March, the jury awarded Pillersdorf’s client $7 million after a subway train struck him when he stumbled onto the tracks in 2002. In New York, the verdicts may be higher, but it takes a lot longer to get a personal injury lawsuit to trial. In this subway accident case, the plaintiff’s right leg had to be amputated, and he also lost an eye. In the New York City subway case, the jury found the injured plaintiff to be 30 percent culpable. In Virginia, if the injured person is even 1% culpable (or “contributorily negligent”), then they can recover nothing. In other words, according to Leesburg and Fairfax crash injury lawyer, if a Virginia jury finds the plaintiff even 1% at fault for causing the accident, even if the Defendant is 99% to blame, they will return their verdict for the Defendant driver

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  1. John M. Hochfelder, Esq.

    Thanks for your timely comparison of comparative negligence laws in NY and VA. It seems to many that the plaintiff in the NYC subway case (about which I blogged yesterday) should not have been permitted to recover any money damages from the city, given his 30% fault (and many feel his fault was much more, if not 100%) but I think many would also agree that when a plaintiff is only 1% or 5% or some small % liable he should be able to recover (proportionately). Where the line is drawn is of course the legislative policy issue.

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