Car Crashes can also Result in Car Fires and Burn Injuries

may require an independent investigation to uncover the fire cause and origin.”

There can be other factors that come into play in an accidental vehicle fire, such as the installation of aftermarket electrical or performance components, debris accumulated around hot areas on a vehicle, animals (building nests or hoarding food in engines), or drivers and passengers dropping burning items (like cigarettes) in cars. It is important to retain qualified and experienced Engineers as first responders in a vehicular fire case; as the intensity of a blaze tends to destroy evidence. In many cases the debris is cleared from the roadway before a thorough investigation can take place, leaving the fire department to make an educated guess about the cause. Determining causation can be a fairly daunting task. If a forensic engineer cannot get to the scene immediately, pictures of the fire and damage can be very helpful. Also, preserving any evidence available can be invaluable to a car fire investigation. That is why contacting ABRAMS LANDAU after a car crash and fire is critical to the later success of any claims that may arise. Once evidence disappears or is swept from the scene, it becomes much more difficult, expensive and time consuming for the engineering experts and accident reconstructionists to put the pieces together.

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