Social Security Disability claims – 5 steps, but hopefully not

As clients of ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. know, there are potentially 5 steps to a Social Security Disability (“SSDI”) claim after the Initial Application.  While most people get a “rejection” letter at the first and second stages, it is at the third stage where Herndon Reston area disability and injury lawyer Doug Landau finds client have the greatest chance of getting the funds that were taken out of their pay checks for many years by the Federal Government.  While Landau has successfully represented claimants in the Federal Courts, the third stage, where the case is presented to a live, Administrative Law Judge, is where they seem to get their best opportunity to present their case.  The five steps of appeal after the Initial Application ( are:

  1. Reconsideration,
  2. ALJ Hearing,
  3. Appeals Council Review,
  4. Appeal to the Federal District Court,
  5. Appeal to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals

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