Baby’s cracked skull and brain injury leads to lawsuit by Landau Law Shop against staircase installer, manufacturer, seller and contractor

there were 4 potential Defendants who were responsible for the child’s injuries.  The national “big box retailer” from whom the steps were purchased by the child’s mother; the Carpet and Flooring company from Loudoun County that was to install them; the sub-contractor that actually performed the work and laminating; and the maker of the “ready to sell” pre-finished hardwood staircase that manufactured the stairs and placed them into the stream of commerce.  Doug Landau visited the injured child’s home, made measurements, interviewed witnesses, retained an expert witness to discuss the engineering and construction aspects of the case and filed the lawsuit on behalf of the brain injured infant.  In fact, Abrams Landau, Ltd. filed suit on behalf of both plaintiffs against all four defendants.

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