Former Altar Boy’s lawsuit results in settlement at trial

In the case of Sutherland v. Hartford Roman Catholic Dioceasan Corp., Doug Landau of ABRAMS Landau, Ltd. was asked to assist at the 24th hour in a case involving the molestation of a church altar boy.  The clergyman who was sought in connection with the case, had relocated to Virginia, and the Defendants did not want to reveal his whereabouts.  In a jurisdiction like Virginia, where dangerous dogs have to be registered, Herndon Injury Lawyer Doug Landau finds it inconceivable that a child molester would not have to register or give notice of his whereabouts.  And the fact that the Defendants sought to cover up this information is nothing short of shameful.  When the Court ordered that the Defendant’s whereabouts be shared with Plaintiff’s counsel, Landau was shocked to see that the address given was across the street from the public library where he has taken his own children and the Chantilly High School where they have attended many events.  The good news is that this case settled during trial.  The excellent Reardon Law Firm achieved a great result for this damaged client.  For details on other alter boy molestation cases handled by our friends and co-counsel in New London, Connecticut, please go to: Reardon Law Firm press release.

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