abrams landau covid safety kit

Abrams Landau Covid Safety Kit Giveaway

The Abrams Landau injury law team in Herndon, Virginia wants to help individuals in our community to be safer and feel safer during these uncertain, challenging times. That’s why we put together our custom Covid safety kit to share with as many people as possible.

The Abrams Landau custom COVID safety kit includes a reusable face mask, contactless door opener keychain and mask filters.

If you’d like to receive our free COVID safety kit, you can enter your information here. This is only while supplies last and you must reside in the United States and have not entered before.

We’ve also been sharing our kits with local businesses around the Landau Law Shop in Herndon, Virginia. Legal Assistant Lisa Goldman even stopped by Transition Triathlon in Leesburg, Virginia to drop off our Covid safety kits to owners Steve and Alex, friends of attorney Doug Landau!

transition triathlon
Transition Triathlon owners Alex and Steve with Abrams Landau COVID safety kits