Settlement Mills do Injured Victims a Disservice

A “settlement mill” is a law firm that handles a volume of cases (usually small ones), in order to simply settle them. Cases are often settled on the cheap. Rarely is very much money, time or resources put into investigating and developing the file. These “mills” generally do not go to court, do not mediate, do not arbitrate, and they are only interested in settling, as soon as possible, to pay for their advertising and overhead.

These “mills” are often good for insurance companies, who get to settle for bottom dollar. However, the “settlement mills” are not good for you or anyone you care about. These firms typically use extensive and expensive advertising on television, billboards, yellow pages, internet and elsewhere, with the intent not to take them all the way to trial, but they settle them quickly so they can get their fees. It’s a big business, however, they barely use all the tools that are at our disposal at Abrams Landau Ltd. If the client is to get the best possible outcome, the lawyer should use all of the tools at his or her disposal.

The team at Abrams Landau law in Herndon, Virginia have been contacted over the years by a number of unfortunate victims who hired one of these “settlement mill” law firms that advertise “quick and easy settlement” of the case, and unfortunately, they later found out that: their injuries were much more serious; critical evidence was not revealed; or, that the case was resolved without a clear understanding of what was at stake.

Every big city has law firms that operate as “Settlement Mills.” They do not go to court, they do not invest time, money or assets in their cases and they are just interested in settling quickly and on the cheap to pay for their expensive television, radio, newspaper, billboard, internet and other advertising schemes. Do not fall prey to these operations.

One of the ways you can tell whether a law firm a “settlement mill” is if they do not have any track record in court actually trying cases. If you are trying to decide whether or not to hire a law firm, ask for examples of their successes in court, in writing, and go actually see them in action. At Abrams Landau, Ltd., we print our schedule to make it easy for clients, their families and even potential clients and witnesses to see what we do.

“Settlement mills” are also very interested in small automobile “fender benders” and also “soft tissue injury” cases. They like these cases because they are small, easy to settle, and do not require them to invest much time, effort or money.

Insurance companies also benefit from the “settlement mills.” Insurance companies see these lawyers repeatedly, and they are predictable, safe “one trick ponies.” In other words, when a case is being handled by one of these “settlement mills,” the insurance company knows they’re not going to go to court, they are not going to spend the resources necessary to get more than the offer, and they face very little exposure. In addition, “settlement mills” basically give the insurance company a gift; discounts on large claims that would cost them a lot more money and resources of taking them to trial. Once the case is submitted to a judge and/or a jury for determination, it is out of the insurance company’s control. All their billions of dollars of assets are of no use, once it goes to someone, not on their payroll, to decide. That’s why the team at Abrams Landau, Ltd. frequently tries cases before the Judge and juries, and is proud of our results..

The injured victims are the group who suffers the most from “settlement mills”. These clients are left without high-quality, personalized legal assistance. In order to maximize the outcome of their cases, they do not need “cookie-cutter,” high volume, “settlement mill” representation. What the need is customized guidance, time tested strategy, and a team willing and able to go to court.

If you have been approached by one of these “settlement mills”, or someone you care about is considering making an unwise decision, please contact us at Abrams Landau, Ltd. by calling (703-796-9555) or emailing us at Abrams Landau, Ltd.