Free COVID Testing Sites in Fairfax County, Virginia

If you are experiencing any possible COVID symptoms and/or have been in contact with someone who has COVID, please go to your nearest free COVID testing site in Fairfax County. You do not need to register, have ID, or have insurance.

covid testing fairfax county

They will only take your contact information to provide you with your test results and to mail you a copy of it. These sites do not perform tests for those who want a test for travel, return to work or school, or for documentation of a negative test for other purposes. It is only for those who have shown symptoms and/or been around those with symptoms and/or those who tested positive within the last 10 days. There will be Spanish speakers onsite as well.

Please encourage others, as well, to get tested if they fall into any of those categories. And if you can, call or go to the website ( before you go to one of the sites to get tested, just in case there are any changes.