Even the Dirty Work has to be Done Promptly at an Airport

Even the non-glamourous jobs are important at an airport.
Even the non-glamourous jobs are important at an airport, and protect the safety and well-being of airline workers and travelers alike.

While being an airline pilot or flight attendant still has glamorous aspects in that you get to travel the world, there are other jobs at the airport that are much less desirable.

This includes maintenance and basic safety protocol.

However, these jobs are just as important as the captain of an aircraft.

If lavatory spills and trash are allowed to build up, then trip and fall, slip and fall, and other accidents can occur.  Furthermore, disease can be spread as international travelers can bring in germs that the local population may not have built up immunity for, or be on the lookout to prevent.

Therefore, employees at an airport, whether on the air operations area or on the aircraft itself, must be vigilant for the safety and well-being of travelers.

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