Landau Observations: Buckets on Bikes?!

Emerging from a difficult interval class at the Green Lizard, attorney Doug Landau spied a trio of evening cyclists on the W&OD Trail in downtown Herndon, Virginia. Instead of the usual soft cloth saddle bags, this group had hard plastic buckets strapped to their touring bicycles! While not the most aerodynamic design, these devices keep clothing and supplies absolutely dry.

Furthermore, it appears that these “bike buckets” can be quickly removed in case of a sudden downpour. They may even serve as seats around the campfire, pails for transporting water for bathing or cooking, and even laundry basins! On the drive home from a VeloLabs class, Landau’s mind was thinking about all of the uses these bike trail pails could be used for in a pinch.

These would include:
• A waterproof hat/helmet
• A set of drums
• Exercise equipment (weights when filled with water, platforms for doing pushups, dips, step-ups and other calisthenics!)
• Step stools
• Berry picking buckets
• Recyclable shopping bags
• Rubbish bins
• Camping dinner tables
• A portable toilet
• And a receptacle for a much deserved foot soak after a long day of bicycle touring through Herndon, Reston and Loudoun County

Can you think of any other cycling or camping related uses for these “trail pails”?