What’s It Like In a Championship Race Triathlon House?

Justin Trolle checks out his room’s staging at a National Championship venue Airbnb

When traveling to National and World Championships, Oak Hill injury attorney Doug Landau will often share a house with other athletes from Northern Virginia. So what’s it like to eat, sleep and live with other multi-sport athletes in such a high-pressure environment?

First off, the Virginia athletes who compete against each other in the Mid-Atlantic area get along and help each other out at Regional, National and World Championship events. After all, at Worlds, they are representing our country as members of TeamUSA. Travelling and rooming with great athletes inspires them to be better and represent the Commonwealth to the best of their abilities. So what’s it like inside the house in the days leading up the “big race”?

While the chips, pistachios, nuts and bananas are good for replacing lost salts, the Oreos (ONLY 4 per serving) are purely “rewards” for hard workouts or races.

There are lots of athletic equipment strewn everywhere! Bicycles, running shoes, wheels, mechanical kits, swimsuits, goggles, backpacks and sunglasses all over the place. And the food… lots of healthy choices, like eggs, lean chicken and beef, hummus, beets, salads, whole grain breads, but also lots of salty chips and snack foods to replace what gets lost in the sweat. And water bottles. Water, electrolyte and protein shake bottles fill the refrigerator. Plus, for the morning racers, strong coffee and tea. Also, vitamin and supplement bottles of every shape and description. Like a scene out of “Breaking Bad,” there are powders, potions, mixtures and packets all over the kitchen counters.

Every top athletes has his or her favorite protein recovery drinks, vitamins, mineral supplements and pre- and post-race regimens, as evidenced by the counter here.

But wait, there’s more! There are tools for recovery, relaxation and improving circulation. Stretching bands, balls, NormaTec leg pressure cuff machines, and other devices that look like they came out of a rehabilitation hospital or medieval torture chamber lie on the floor for use before and after racing. The Airbnbs that the NoVa athletes have used over the years often resemble a college frat house occupied by mad scientists and serious athletes! Somehow the combination of science, sport and camaraderie worked to produce top performances and qualifications. The photos in this post accurately portray the typical scenes about the house recently used for the USAT DUathlon National Championships.

Pre- and post-race stretching are critical to long-term success on the championship racing circuit. Justin Trolle enters data into the computer in the background while a NormaTec machine, rolling balls, and other rehab equipment is available on the floor at all times for the athletes sharing the house.