Police Presence at Hutchison Elementary School Protects Children

Delegate Jennifer Boysko and Doug Landau
Delegate Jennifer Boysko, shown here with Lawyer and “Putting Lids on Kids” co- sponsor Doug Landau, enthusiastically helped at the free helmet giveaway held at Herndon’s Hutchison Elementary School.
Fitting helmets
It was all hands on deck to make sure each student was properly fitted with a brand-new Bell bicycle helmet.
Members of the local police and teacher Connie Peterson, shown here with Doug Landau, know the importance of brain injury prevention.
Members of the local police and teacher Connie Peterson, shown here with Doug Landau, know the importance of brain injury prevention.

Local bicycle police officers fitted the entire sixth-grade at Herndon’s Hutchison Elementary School with brand-new bicycle helmets.

This was the latest stop on the “Putting Lids on Kids” program, jointly funded by the Herndon law firm Abrams Landau, Ltd.  and the Virginia Trial Lawyers Foundation.

This worthy program distributes free bike helmets and brain injury prevention materials to local students who cannot otherwise afford afford them.

In addition to the officers and Doug and Melissa Landau, world-class athlete and James Madison University physiology professor Connie Peterson and her Team USA were on hand to assist, as well as Abrams Landau attorney Lisa Beaman.

Also showing up to speak to the soon-to-be middle school students was delegate Jennifer Boysko, who, although not much taller than some of the kids she was protecting, nevertheless rolled up her sleeves and worked hard to make sure every student got a helmet that fit, a bag to carry, information for their parents, and free water bottles and seat covers for those who wanted them.

“The enthusiasm and support for the program was incredible,” notes Lawyer Landau.  “Having community leaders like Delegate Boysko and members of the local police force present generated a lot of extra excitement.  Principal Ray Lonnett even had his staff members tweet the afternoon’s events!”

Lawyer Landau has visited this elementary school — located just down the street from his Law Shop — several times.  In the last month, he has presented brain injury information and distributed helmets to students at Herndon Elementary School and at the Guilford Elementary School bike rodeo.  New helmets were also donated to teachers training to hold future bike rodeos in Loudoun County.

The hope is that students riding bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, or skates use the free head protection given to them by Landau and the Virginia Trial Lawyers Foundation.

If you know of a group, school, or other organization whose children cannot afford appropriate head protection, please contact us at once at 703-796-9555.   Anything we can do to save even one child or family a traumatic brain injury is worth it!