Cyclist Dies in Collision With Truck

Doug Landau and Matty Smith
Safe cycling on the roads means staying alert and aware — using all five senses. Lawyer Doug Landau, shown here on the right, urges all cyclists to refrain from using headphones or other things which would hamper your ability to sense impending danger.

After seeing several crashes on the bicycle course during the preview rides for the ITU World Championships last month, bike crash lawyer Doug Landau noted the headline, “Cyclist Dies in Collision.”

Apparently a female cyclist was killed in a crash with a truck.

The middle-aged biker was wearing headphones, so police were investigating whether or not she had been aware of the truck when tragedy struck.

The impact occurred in broad daylight, and she was the second biker to have died on South Australia road in the last 5 days.

“This tragic event underscores how important it is to make use of ALL your senses when biking on the roads,” notes lawyer Landau. “You may hear, feel, and even smell a large truck or bus. Why would you deprive yourself of one of the senses that would help you avoid danger and unnecessary injury ?”

Ear buds, headphones and skull candy are all prohibited in triathlon and Duathlon competition because of safety issues.

Adds Landau, “these rules are for the elite athletes with amazing physical conditioning and reaction times. So the rest of us should certainly take a cue from the professionals and keep our eyes AND ears open at all times when biking.”

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