NFL Lawsuit over Painkillers Dismissed by Judge

Former NFL players sued the league claiming they had been given painkillers to mask injury. The class action lawsuit has been dismissed.

Last year we wrote here about a class action lawsuit filed by against the National Football League (NFL) claiming the organization had given its players painkillers to mask injuries.  Giving high dosages or contraindicated medications allegedly lead to chronic orthopedic and other conditions.  The suit was filed by former players who said there is a culture of drug misuse in the NFL that resulted in player injuries and permanent physical damage. For example, whereas anabolic steroids may cause nitrogen retention that leads to muscle hypertrophy, cortisone injections reduce tissue swelling by breaking down intracellular membranes, weakening the affected joints.  In other words, some injections can cause short-term reduction in pain and swelling, but at the risk of long-term. chronic conditions or traumatic, career-ending injury.

Last month, the suit was dismissed when the judge ruled that collective bargaining rules block such complaints.

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