Trinidad & Tobago – Warm and Welcoming

the commentators for the Tour De France and English Soccer games. His “play-by-play” was exciting, knowledgeable and entertaining.

After the pasta party at the Normandie Hotel, we met Francis Williams-Smith, Race Director, whose tireless efforts and sense of humor helped in the face of 4 “point to point” races over 2 days in the center of Port of Spain. Imagine putting on a 4 x 1,000M schools relay and then a 5 km. around Central Park in New York City and the next morning have a Half Marathon and then a Marathon (with 2 different starting times allowed in the latter event !) also finishing in a 20 hour period, with participants coming from all over the world ! Not an easy thing to pull off. But pull it off they did, with smiles, sweat and an infectious rhythm that causes runners and tourists to come back to this warm and welcoming island nation just off the coast of Venezuela.


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