Better Safe Than Sorry Cycling

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rocky hill.

Getting up and continuing on, lawyer Landau was more careful on the bike, either out of the saddle on the uphills or “feathering” the brakes on the steep declines.  He came off the bike once and had another fall on the 2nd run, though unbloodied by the latter 2 mishaps.  Finishing 3rd overall, Landau learned that Melissa kept running after the first 5km., forgoing the risky ride altogether !  While the smell of pancakes was enticing, the Landaus were interested in getting home and getting warm and dry !  It was only during the ride home that Doug noticed that his leg looked like he had been in a fight with several angry cats !  On the mend, Landau was back at HPC training, running in North Carolina mid-week en route to racing in New York State in a longer sprint race.

For future Prince William area events, check out Bishop’s calendar.  Bishop’s Events was launched in 2011 with the mission of providing runners, bikers, swimmers and triathletes the highest quality races and events in which to showcase their skill and determination. Travis Bishop, a competitive triathlete, founded the company in order to fulfill the need for racers in the Northern Virginia, Southern Maryland and Greater Fredericksburg Areas for more local events.

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