Helmet Pledge and Contract

Local Police help with helmet distribution at Guilford Elementary School
Local police officers to help fit students with helmets at Guilford Elementary School.

In our last post, we provided some highlights of the Bike Rodeo and Safety Day held at Guilford Elementary School in Sterling, VA earlier this month.  In this post, we share the Helmet Pledge and Contract that was given by Herndon bike accident attorney Doug Landau to students and their parents who attended the event.

Children should wear a helmet every time they ride a bike, roller blade, longboard, skateboard, scooter etc..  That is why attorney Landau and his firm Abrams Landau, Ltd. have made it a goal to provide bike helmets to local school children who could otherwise not afford one in their “Helmet a Day” campaign.

But, left to their own devices, most children would probably not choose to wear a helmet.  A contract is a good way to make a child commit to wearing a helmet and to think twice about getting on a bike, skateboard, longboard, roller blades, etc. without one.

Here is the one presented at Guilford Elementary:


Helmet Pledge and Contract Parents, please consider using this contract (or some version thereof) to ensure your children always wear a helmet when riding a bike or participating in other activities like rollerblading, skateboarding, longboarding, etc.

If you know of a local group who could benefit from Abrams Landau’s Helmet a Day program, please email or call the Abrams Landau office (703-796-9555).  We want to help save lives!

Click here to access a PDF of the contract.


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