Best Barefoot Running Barrister ?

luminary and mile markers. When the racers turned around, the pier was lit up and guided them home. Melissa commented that, “it was like running along glass, as the silvery water and moonless light resulted in pure darkness interrupted by the little candles in paper bags.” Further adding to the surreal event were the glow Necklaces for all participants!

The promotional materials called on Los Angeles area runners to “Celebrate the holidays and the Winter Solstice at the most unusual running event in LA. Run on Christmas Day afternoon or evening under the stars. Bring the whole family and run/walk during the lowest tide of the season. The entire course will be lit by real LUMINARIAS, and glow necklaces to all participants. Race out and back along the water’s edge and enjoy a magnificent sunset or starry sky. Stay and play at the many fine bars and restaurants in downtown Manhattan Beach. You won’t find anything else like it!”

Always up to take advantage of warm weather West Coast running, Landau ran the race barefoot. The family made their flight with ease (after showering nearby) and it is one of the few sporting events where the entire Landau family participated, with several top age group finishes. One of the benefits of running on softer surfaces is the reduced “delayed onset muscle soreness” (DOMS) which is quite noticeable after pounding, especially downhill, during long road races on concrete. Zach Landau even went in the cold water post race, which may have further reduced his soreness in the days that followed. Triathlon Trial Lawyer Landau heartily recommends the Manhattan Beach Xmas races (there is one at 3 in the afternoon, for those who want to run before supper in the light!), with or without shoes !

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