No Police Report for Second Pedestrian Struck at Dangerous Dumfries Virginia Intersection

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take the report. “They said since the crash happened in a parking lot, and the report was being filed after the fact, they wouldn’t take it,” said his wife. “That was really surprising to me. I guess pedestrians don’t have the right of way in Virginia.”

A Prince William police spokesman confirmed what the couple had been told, saying that it is optional for officers to take a report in cases like this. “A report is not required if a crash happens in a parking lot. We have the option of taking one, but in a crash investigation we have to be able to see what happened, and it’s difficult to do when drivers and those involved in the crash have left the scene.”

Because of his injury, the Airman must undergo three months of physical therapy to restore his MCL. Friday morning’s victim was hit at 6:40 a.m., before sunrise, as he attempted to walk out of the commuter lot toward the McDonald’s restaurant across the street, police said. Since the man was not using a crosswalk, the victim is considered to be at fault in the crash, according to the police spokesperson.

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