Reporting Aggressive and Unsafe Driving in Virginia

Virginia law defines aggressive driving as a hazard to others with the intent to harass, intimidate, injure or obstruct another person and commits at least one of the following:

* failure to drive on the right side of the highway
* failure to drive in the lanes marked for traffic
* following too closely
* failure to yield right of way
* failure to follow traffic control device
* passing on right
* exceeding the speed limit
* stopping on a highway

You have two options for reporting an aggressive driver to law enforcement. You can report an aggressive driver when the action is occurring or file a report with the appropriate law enforcement agency after the fact. To report a driver when he/she is exhibiting the aggressive driving behavior dial #77 and your call should be directed to the appropriate jurisdiction. #77 is designed to help drivers report a driver in distress or exhibiting unsafe behavior. To report the incident after the fact, you must be able to identify the operator of the vehicle and provide a tag number, car make and model and be willing to serve as a witness.

NOTE: Each law enforcement agency has specific requirements and procedures for reporting traffic safety violations. It is up to each agency to respond to filed reports.

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