Trouble in Transition for Triathlon Trial Lawyer Landau

tore the number off his Cervelo bicycle and folded it into his shorts and took off after those racers ahead of him. The Herndon Reston area accident lawyer finished in just under two hours and eighteen minutes. This was 10 minutes off his best time, but good enough for the rainy, wet and cold conditions that he finds most difficult. Landau usually does not wear a shirt, and hopes to avoid this delay at the National Championships a fortnight from now, as Alabama should be hot and dry. Previously, Landau’s barefoot performance at the National Duathlon Championships when he flatted out demonstrated that this athlete lawyer can deal with adversity in the midst of competition. The good news is that now Landau has a contingency plan if he ever loses, misplaces or tears his running number in a triathlon. His bicycle has a spare !

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