Transitions – the 4th sport in Triathlon

set out multiple pairs of running shoes when unsure of the weather conditions, a variety of energy replacement snacks and drinks, and extra clothes, a hat, and other supplies to make the next leg of the race less difficult. The transition area is also the place to get feedback from spectators, coaches, teammates and others as to your place, up to the minute race conditions and photos. Landau tries to make his transitions in under a minute by having his bike shoes and helmet already on his bike, and by using a quick lace system on his running shoes. In sprint races, the time in transition can be critical to overall placing. Ironman competitors may be able to shower, sit down, and change their clothes, but in a sprint race, every second is valuable.

When asked at the Reston Triathlon registration about his speedy transition techniques, Landau emphasized “practicing on your off days, especially prior to a competition, when you are looking for something to occupy the time you would normally be training.” The elite Australian triathletes were famous for practicing their transitions in the hotel hallways in the days leading up to a race. Getting a wetsuit off in less than 30 seconds takes practice, as does mounting and dismounting a bike before the timing mats when you are out of breath. Practice makes perfect.

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