Lawyer Landau survives HPC CompuTrainer class

Always up for a challenge, sports injury lawyer Doug Landau joined HPC‘s youth team for an indoor CompuTrainer session at their new Herndon, Virginia location. While the experienced Triathlon TrialLawyer often trains indoors on LifeCycles, trackstands, Spin Bikes and other stationary bicycles, the computerized class was a new experience.

The CompuTrainer tracks not only speed and distance, but also watts, gears, and can project just about any race course in the world. Some athletes train indoors on the courses they will race during the season this way. The Ironman World Championship course, as well as the Eagleman Blackwater and Columbia triathlon courses are also available. During my introductory class, I raced against the teenagers behind me as well as Lance Armstrong and the other nearly life sized Tour de France bike racers projected on the wall in front of me.

Pierre (shown at left during the build out) checked on our form, gadgets and Elizabeth called out instructions and set the training goals. Needless to say, this “Supe Lawyer,” felt like quite the mortal after the 90 munite session. I look forward to participating in future classes, as this was more challenging than the spin cycle classes I have taken, as it is nearly twice the riding time and you get feedback with objective measurements so that you can see if you are improving, getting stronger, faster, smoother and fitter.

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