Golf Cart accident leaves resort guest comatose

The family of a man who was left comatose after being thrown from a golf cart has filed a lawsuit against the resort where the accident occurred. According to the lawsuit, an employee of Indian Lakes Resort attempted a sharp turn while traveling at a high rate of speed. The resort guest suffered severe brain injuries and remains in a coma, a doctor told a judge earlier this year according to the Chicago Tribune. In October, the plaintiff’s doctors told a judge he was in a coma “and has a very poor prognosis for recovery.” His wife was named guardian of his estate. To read the lawsuit papers which allege that the plaintiff was thrown from the cart and suffered head injuries, go to Chicago Bar-Tender. If you, or some you know, has been injured in a golf or golf cart accident, contact ABRAMS LANDAU or call us at (703)-796-9555 today.

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