"Cling ons" are illegal; bikers holding on to truck are dangerous

Having just driven past a Herndon biker who was hanging on to a truck, I went to check to see if this was an illegal activity. Under

CHAPTER 11 of the Uniform Vehicle Code “Rules of the Road” I seem to have fond an answer. In ARTICLE XII. “OPERATION OF BICYCLES, OTHER HUMAN-POWERED VEHICLES, AND MOPEDS” the Uniform Vehicle Code seems to address “cling ons,” those cyclists, skateboarders and others who hang on to cars, trucks and vans in order to “get a lift” up hill or around town. Section 11-1204 “Clinging to vehicles” answers the question:

(a) No person riding upon any bicycle, coaster, roller skates, sled or toy vehicle shall attach the same or him- or herself to any (streetcar or) vehicle upon a roadway.
(b) This section shall not prohibit attaching a bicycle trailer or bicycle semitrailer to a bicycle if that trailer or semitrailer has been designed for such attachment.

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