Hitting the books, Richmond injury and disability lawyer "looks it up" !

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The men's law dorm at the University of Richmond
The men's law dorm at the University of Richmond

Even with computers and online legal research, sometimes Richmond injury and disability lawyer Doug Landau likes to go to the library and “look it up” ! After oral arguments before the Federal Court of Appeal for the Fourth Circuit, Landau did some legal research at the University of Richmond Law School. The multi-state trial lawyer was very familiar with the Richmond campus, as he had attended several law programs there before taking the bar exam. Prior to attending the University of Miami School of Law in Coral Gables, Florida, Landau attended the Richmond pre-law program. He then took part in the Law Studies Abroad: Summer in Cambridge, as already had a job with an English Solicitors’ firm lined up in London. For over thirty years, the University of Richmond School of Law has conducted a summer program in England for American law students. The purpose of the program abroad is to afford students an opportunity to live and study in surroundings providing maximum exposure to and understanding of the English common law system, which serves as the basis for much of our own law. The summer program was held at Emmanuel College, Cambridge University. Landau was able to commute by train to his job in downtown London, while getting his homework done during the ride ! He was also able to compete in a few running races on the weekends and tour the countryside by bicycle. After graduation, Landau studied for the bar exam at Richmond, with some of the same professors who had taught him over the previous summers ! No wonder he has such an affinity for the Richmond Spiders and the Law School in the West End.

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