Bikers need to be extra careful in the rain. Loudoun and caseFairfax bike crash lawyer Landau points to injury in motorcycle riding class

Leesburg and Loudoun County bike injury lawyer notes that this case involved a a 31-year-old female who was enrolled in a class to learn how to operate a motorcycle. According to the Virginia Lawyers Weekly case report, the class was being taught in the rain. During the course of the class, the plaintiff claimed that her instructor jumped suddenly in front of her causing her to lose control. There were no eyewitnesses to the incident. The instructor claimed that the student simply lost control of the bike.

The plaintiff was taken to VCU Medical Center where she had surgery to repair a knee fracture. She was hospitalized for three days. She made a good but not complete recovery from her right tibial plateau fracture. Her medical bills came to$48,549.98, and our friend John Shea of Richmond was able to get a $120,000 settlement, without the expense, inconvenience or aggravation of a full-blown jury trial.

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