TriathlonTrialLawyer Doug Landau reccomends you check out race hotel rooms BEFORE moving your gear

Herndon Reston sports injury lawyer Dog Landau inspecting a hotel room BEFORE moving in !One lesson I have learned is to check out the race venue AND the race hotel BEFORE the morning of the race. If you cannot inspect the hotel before the day of your arrival, at least ask to “see the room” BEFORE putting your luggage in it. Several times I have asked to see the room before getting my gear loaded in, and have either had the front desk change my room to a better one before I left the lobby, or returned to ask for a room not overlooking the dumpster or closer to my car, triathlon bike & the pool, for post-race hydrotherapy. Also, some hotels have “new wings” and old sections. Looking at the accommodations before “moving in” may save you and your roommates from a poor night’s sleep, or worse, injury and disability. My wife can tell you lots of stories about places we did not look into ahead of time. So, learn from my mistakes and “check it out” before you check in. See tomorrow’s post for an ABRAMS LANDAU premises liability case where the hotel lamp caused terrible injuries and required an of-duty Emergency Room doctor to come to the rescue of my friend !

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