Doug Landau's friend burned in hotel bathroom; ABRAMS LANDAU premises liability lawsuit results in settlement before trial

Doug Landau recommends you check out the accomodations first, and don't leave the seat up !In one case we handled in the Tidewater area, friends of mine were staying in a tourist hotel. On vacation near where I have participated in several “flat course” races, my 3 friends checked into two rooms before checking the rooms out beforehand. Because of the aging light and heat fixtures, one of my friends was struck by burning, molten plastic and metal while on the toilet. The heat lamp, which had been installed with the original construction of the hotel, had never been replaced. It broke and fell on my friend, causing his t-shirt to catch fire. Luckily, one of my other friends is an Emergency Room doctor. The E.R. physician head the screams and came immediately to our friend’s rescue. He put the burning victim into the tub, where they doused the flames.

Our innocent friend sustained painful first, second and third degree burns, primarily on his back, for which he underwent surgery. We brought a lawsuit for his burn injuries and successfully settled it without my injured friend having to go to trial. However, his case is a reminder to me, my family and my friends to check out hotel rooms before moving in and to make sure the accommodations are what we are paying for and what we have been promised.

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