Landau trio finishes Dorchester YMCA Half-Marathon in Cambridge Maryland, then goes for post-race "family hydrotherapy"

The three Landaus before the Dorchester YMCA half marathon in Cambridge, MarylandLooking for a flat course upon which to test her now found running speed, charity runner Rebecca Landau found a race on the famous Eagleman Half Ironman Triathlon course. The Dorchester YMCA Half-Marathon in Cambridge Maryland raises money for programs supporting strong kids, strong families, and a strong community. In addition, this new event advertised “Environmentally Sensitive Awards and Premiums” ! While a bit long for TriathlonTrialLawyer Doug Landau, as he prefers sprint distances, his wife and eldest daughter seem to enjoy the steady pace and scenery of the longer events. In preparation for today’s run, Miss Landau ran a 10km. in Alexandria, the Blacksburg Classic 10 miler and the Shamrock half marathon in Virginia Beach.

Post-race hydrotherapy (water running) for Herndon sports lawyer Doug Landau & his eldest daughterMiss Landau, soon to be a graduate of the Virginia Tech School of Architecture, managed 8:20/mile for 8 miles, and finished with a kick and a smile. Mrs. Landau finished the Dorchester race in two hours, and according to Charm City Run results, Herndon Reston sports lawyer Doug Landau finished in 1:25:30 for 10th overall, 2nd in his age group, out of about 160 finishers. While the course was probably short, it was well marked, with friendly volunteers who bravely withstood the wind, rain and cold. Rather than hang around for awards, the Landau trio bolted for the hotel pool, where Miss Landau’s easy jogging in cool, deep water, followed by a stint in the hot tub, reduced everyone’s soreness, stiffness and made the drive to Virginia more comfortable. The cool water is known to reduce inflammation, and with proper post-race nutrition during the 20 minutes following intense exercise (i.e., water, minerals, carbohydrates and protein replacement for damaged muscles, ligaments and tendons), Landau notes much “delayed onset muscle soreness” and post run stiffness can be reduced.

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