The Athletes Lawyer contacted due to injury caused by bicycle quick release hub

At the Sea Gull Century, Triathlon Trial Lawyer DOug Landau checked out the classic bikes, like the Schwinn StingrayA young bike rider was severely injured when his front tire came off his bicycle when the quick release hub came undone. The cyclist may have a “product liability claim” against the manufacturer, seller and/or supplier. Product liability cases are a sub-set of negligence cases. There are special rules for product injury cases. For example, in the bicycle quick release hub crash, the injured biker would have to prove that he had not modified the components after he purchased them, as that would destroy his ability to prove “causation.”

The defense lawyers for the bicycle component makers may attempt to allege product misuse, alteration or improper installation in order to avoid liability for the injured athlete’s serious and permanent injuries. If you or someone you know has been injured to a defective bicycle, bike component or other sports product, contact the ABRAMS LANDAU team (703-796-9555 or at once. There are strict time limits for these types of sports product claims in every state, so act now.

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